I Need to Sell My House ASAP, What Are My Options?

Options to sell house as soon as possible

The traditional house selling process can be brutally tedious. You have to find a real estate agent you can trust or you have to take the time to sell your home yourself. Even if you decide to seek professional help, the average time a home can sit on the market is close to 70 days…that’s over two months! To make matters worse, in areas like the East and Northeast U.S., like here in Philadelphia, the average home sits on the market even longer than average.

Selling a home takes advertising, signage, open houses, individual property showings, cleaning and sprucing up. You’ll be dealing with a seemingly endless parade of Looky Loos who have no intention of purchasing your home. When you need to sell your house ASAP, selling through traditional channels may not be the proper path.

Reasons You May Need to Sell a House ASAP

There are a variety of wide-ranging reasons a person may ask themselves “how to sell my house ASAP?” Some of these reasons can impact anyone.

  • Divorce – A divorce may make the quick sale of a home beneficial for either or both parties. Since about half of all marriages end in divorce, this includes numerous people that may potentially benefit for a quick sale of a home.
  • Tax Issues – Property tax or other tax problems may lead to the forced sale of a home at a very low auction price. Rather than allow this to take its course, a homeowner can quickly sell their house, resolving tax issues along the long. In many instances, the tax issues may not only be resolved but the homeowners may end up with additional cash.
  • When Facing Foreclosure – Foreclosure can create financial problems for a homeowner for years to come. Even after a foreclosure, the homeowner may still be on the hook for a balance due. When facing a foreclosure, a sale will need to be made quickly, in weeks, not the usual months.
  • A Home Needs Expensive Repairs – In some cases, a home may need such extensive repairs that a homeowner may not have the resources to repair it prior to placing it for sale. These problem properties can be sold to a cash buyer as-is. In fact, when selling to a cash buyer like ProblemPropertyPals.com, a home doesn’t even need to be cleaned up prior to sale! Any home can be sold as-is, where it is.
  • An Inherited Property – Inheriting a property can create a variety of immediate and long term issues. The property may need repairs, may have a balance on the mortgage and tax and insurance bills are being generated. Selling quickly to a cash buyer may be the best solution.
  • Problem Tenants – Many people invest in real estate without being prepared for the problems associated with being a landlord. Tenants can be messy, damage property, be slow in paying rents and may even refuse to pay rent or vacate a property. In some cases, tenant-landlord regulations make it difficult to evict tenants or make the process lengthy. Some landlords may find a simple solution in selling the property quickly, allowing for someone else to deal with the issue.
  • Job Loss or Medical Expenses – Life happens and extremely high medical expenses or a loss of a job can create an immediate financial issue resulting in the need for a quick sale. A homeowner may even have another job opportunity elsewhere to take advantage of that necessitates a quick sale. Problem Property Pals can even let you choose your own closing date, perhaps within two weeks.
  • Empty Nesters – As children grow up and move out of a home, many times owners find themselves with far too much house to take care of. They may not wish to deal with the hassle of remodeling or making costly upgrades prior to selling. Selling to a cash buyer just may be the perfect solution. Problem Property Pals buys homes where and how they stand. There’s no need to even vacuum or wipe down the countertops. We’ll take care of it all!

Everyday people can be faced with situations that call for a quick home sale. If it should happen to you, we’ve got the solution for selling your home fast at a fair market price.

The Best Way to Sell Your Home FAST!

ProblemPropertyPals.com is not a real estate agency. We are real estate investors willing to pay cash quickly for properties in any condition. When you sell to ProblemPropertyPals.com there are no open houses, no property showings, and no Looky Loos. Homeowners don’t need to paint, fix-up or even clean their homes. Simply fill out our online form and we will schedule a time to visit your property get you a fair market value cash offer quickly. Should you decide to accept the offer, we’ll make arrangements to close as soon as possible, perhaps within two weeks. You can have cash in your hands and be ready to move on with life.

Perhaps you don’t even have a reason to sell your home quickly. Maybe you just want to sell your home without the hassles of the traditional process. With ProblemPropertyPals.com you can sell without agency and brokerage commissions. You deal directly with us to get your fair market, cash offer. See why more and more Philadelphia, PA homeowners are choosing to sell through ProblemPropertyPals.com.

Selling your home through us is safe. We operate discreetly and with confidence and integrity. If you own a Philadelphia, PA area property and want to sell it at a fair market price quickly and without hassles, fill out our online form and get your cash offer today!

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