3 Things to Remember When You’re Trying to Sell a House Fast

Trying to Sell a House Fast for cash

Are you ready to sell your home and move on?

If so, you might relate to one of the most common reasons homeowners in your situation hesitate to get started. Time and time again, they’ve heard stories about how long it takes to sell a home. Maybe you’ve heard it takes at least a year. Perhaps you’ve heard even longer.

Whatever the case, even though they want to move on ASAP, they keep putting it off because they’ve been told it’s impossible to sell a home quickly.

Well, I have good news for you: when you know what you’re doing, it’s actually very easy to sell your house fast.

3 Rules to Follow So You Can Sell Your House Fast

The reason other homeowners generally take so long to sell their houses is that they follow “conventional wisdom”, never even wondering if there’s a better, faster way.

Again: I can assure you that there definitely is.

In fact, if all you do is follow my three tips below, it will be extremely easy to sell your house fast.

1. Don’t Let Your Emotions Get Involved

At Problem Property Pals, whenever we step in to help a homeowner sell their house fast after they’ve struggled for months, one of the most common reasons for the delay is actually very simple: they let their emotions get involved.

To be clear, I don’t blame them. It can be difficult to sell something with so many memories tied to it. There’s a lot of emotions involved, so no matter how badly part of you wants to sell, another part can’t help wanting to hold on.

Nonetheless, if selling your home as quickly as possible is your ultimate goal, you have to set emotions aside.

Instead, think about the reasons you’re selling and what you have to look forward to once the sale is over. Stay focused on positive emotions associated with the actual selling of your home and doing so will be much, much easier.

2. Sell Your Home Directly

Another reason conventional wisdom misleads homeowners into bloated timelines for selling their homes is that everyone “knows” you need to hire a real estate agent. This begins the long road toward, well, a long wait before you’re able to sell your house.

It’s why it’s always better to sell direct if you want to sell your house fast.

Meaning that instead of going the old-fashioned route and hiring an agent, you work directly with a buyer.

Aside from a faster process, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits:

  • No – or Almost No – Need to Spend Money on Repairs
  • No Need to Clean
  • Pick Your Own Closing Date
  • The Sale Is Guaranteed to Happen

Of course, you also don’t have to deal with the sticker shock of how much you owe your real-estate agent after they finally sell your home.

3. Pick Your Battles with Repairs and Renovations

Another tip you’ve probably heard when you want to sell your house fast is that you have to make whatever necessary repairs and/or renovations that might hold back your property. Aside from taking an inventory of your house’s current status, you also need to research your area to see why other properties might appear more attractive than yours.

In the case of an especially pressing repair – say, a broken pipe – this is probably good advice. If it’s something the new homeowner will have to handle before they can really live comfortably in the house, you’ll most likely need to see to it to attract enough interest to sell it fast.

However, where problems will emerge is if you decide to consider every possible renovation, so it beats out any competitors in the area. There will always be another renovation you could invest in to win more attention from potential buyers. Unfortunately, this strategy quickly eats away at your profit margin and will make it very difficult to sell your house fast because you have to wait around for the work to get done.

Remember: do your best take emotion out of the equation. It means looking at the sale of your home as a business transaction – nothing more.

The Best Tip to Follow When You Really Want to Sell Your House Fast

Follow the three tips outlined above, and you’ll find it much easier to sell your house fast. After more than two years helping homeowners like you sell their houses quickly, those are the ones we’ve seen proven to work again and again.

With that being said, if your top priority is selling your home as fast as absolutely possible, we can help. Our team of real estate-investing experts loves showing homeowners how easy it can be to quickly sell their houses – and for top dollar.

Better still, we’ll buy your property as-is with all-cash offers delivered within a matter of hours after viewing your house. We take care of the paperwork. You just take care of collecting your cash.

If you’re ready to sell your home ASAP, we’d love to hear from you. Take a second to fill out our form or you can call us at 267-244-9163.

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