Your Guide to Burying a Statue to Help You Sell a House

Burying a St Joseph Statue in your home can help you sell your house.

World history includes a variety of curious traditions or religious practices that individuals may do when selling a property. Have you ever heard of trying to bury a statue to sell a house? The Catholic tradition calls for home sellers to try burying the statue of St. Joseph for a successful and quick home sale. 

If you are having trouble with the home-selling process in Pennsylvania, you may as well follow the Catholic tradition. You can try to bury a statue of Saint Joseph in the front yard and pick a corner of the yard facing your home. 

You will follow a specific ritual for burying a St. Joseph statue. You will also learn the history behind burying the saint statue to ensure your house sells.

Ready to learn more about this tradition from the Catholic church? Let’s get started!

Bury a Statue To Sell a House

Saint Joseph may not be the direct father of Jesus Christ, but he is the patron saint of fathers, workers, home sellers, and buyers. The Catholic tradition showcases that burying a statue of St. Joseph can bring true success to a real estate transaction.

It became a common practice for realtors to purchase plastic Saint Joseph statues in the 1990s and use the burial practice to sell a home more quickly. This practice goes back to the 1700s when nuns completed the ritual to acquire property.

The process involves burying the statue upside down in the front yard while facing the house’s front door. Next, you will need to say a prayer to the Saint Joseph statue. A prayer card may help. 

Ask a real estate agent about the mythology, and you will learn how the practice can bring good luck and a fair offer on a house for sale quickly.

Once you have successfully sold the property, you are supposed to dig up the statue of St. Joseph and take it with you to your new home. The legend says you are supposed to put the statue in a place of honor in the new house.

You can find many testimonials of home sellers who have successfully sold their realty property after burying the statue of St. Joseph. Are you wondering where to purchase a St. Joseph statue? You can seek out religious supply retailers or a standard supply store like the Dollar Store or Walmart.

You can buy a plastic statue for less than $20. It is worth a try. After all, its price is much less than the typical cost to sell a house.

The History Behind Burying a St Joseph Statue To Sell Your House

Saint Joseph is a popular part of Catholic tradition and the Catholic church. Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary and was a carpenter. He helped raise Jesus, who also became a carpenter.

Joseph is the patron saint of workers, fathers, feasts, travelers, immigrants, and the sick. He also presides over real estate sales. The reason that he is associated with real estate transactions is due to St. Joseph helping St. Theresa and her family find a new home in Egypt. 

When St. Theresa needed a new home for her nuns, she placed a medal of St. Joseph’s image underground. The story goes that St. Theresa got the land she sought soon after. 

The religious story also mentions Quebec’s Brother Andre following the same practice when seeking land to build a chapel. First, he could not get the land he wanted. Then, Brother Andre prayed to St. Joseph. He buried the statue. After, he quickly obtained the land necessary for the chapel.

Burying the St. Joseph statue in a front yard to sell a house became a tradition many moons ago. In the 1700s, nuns and other religious figures pursued the practice to gain more property. It also became a common practice in the 1990s.

People have reported beneficial results after burying the statue. Some have even found it so successful that it only took a few hours before getting an offer on their houses. 

Burying a St Joseph Statue in your home can help you sell your house.

Can Burying the St. Joseph Statue Help Sell Your House

If you are having trouble with your home sale in Pennsylvania and cannot figure out how to quickly sell your house, consider burying the statue in your front yard. 

You can find St. Joseph statue kits on Amazon containing prayer cards with tons of positive reviews.

Many reviews state that after a few hours to a couple of days of burying the statue in their yard, they received an offer on their homes. Sometimes, these home sellers even had bidding wars on their hands.

However, you should follow common sense when burying the statue and ensuring it can help sell your house. For example, you do not want to try burying a large statue in your front yard, especially at night. That will get your neighbors involved. Your neighbors may even call the police on you.

Further, a large statue will require you to dig a larger hole and mess with your landscaping. You don’t want to hurt your curb appeal, so make sure to dig a small hole for a small statue in a corner of the lawn, away from view. You also need to carefully dig the hole to avoid damaging a sewer or water pipe or any cable/electric lines. 

The Ritual Of Burying St. Joseph – How To Do It

The steps involved in the ritual of burying the statue are:

  • Purchasing a small statue of St. Joseph
  • Wrapping the statue in a soft cloth or plastic wrap
  • Burying the statue completely underground
  • Praying at the site of the burial
  • Completing a prayer every day until the house sells
  • Once the home sells, digging up the statue from the burial site
  • Offering thanks to God and St. Joseph
  • Putting the statue of St. Joseph in a place of honor in your new residence

If you live in a condominium or an apartment, you may not have a yard to bury a statue of St. Joseph. Then, you can consider burying the statue in a flowerpot. You can then place the large flowerpot on the windowsill or your balcony.

You will find some advice saying to bury the statue face-down to get him more motivated to complete the sale and get dug up. Others state to bury the state face-up and pointed toward the residence. Most agree, however, that burying the statue near the For Sale sign will help the most.

Completing the Burying Ritual

Once you have buried the statue, you should pray every day to St. Joseph. It does not matter if you use a prayer from your heart or if you pick a pre-written prayer you find online.

Along with praying right after the burial, daily prayer should occur until you find a home buyer. You can even have a different prayer every day or stick with the same one. 

You may also want to try the nine-day novena, which consists of saying a different prayer each day for nine days. Regardless of how you do it, every prayer should end with the words “Our Father.”

When you have an offer for the home sale and everything proceeds smoothly, you should dig up the statue of St. Joseph shortly before closing day. Unwrap the statue and remove the cloth or plastic wrap. Wash away any dirt from the statue. 

What To Do After You’ve Buried a St. Joseph Statue in Your House

After you have buried the statue and completed the prayers, you should work with your realtor to seek out the right buyer and get a good offer. Once you have pursued the home sale and start nearing closing day, it’s time to dig up the statue and bring it to your new home.

After digging up the statue, give a prayer of thanks to God and then to St. Joseph. You will also need to put your statue in a place of honor in your new residence. Displaying it somewhere important in the home will show gratitude and faith. For example, you can put the statue on your desk, a mantel, or a windowsill in your dining room.

Others have found that following these steps brought success for them in the real estate market. You might be next!


Homeowners having trouble finding potential buyers may as well bury a Saint Joseph statue to sell a house more quickly. Doing so should not hurt the home sale. Ensure you remember to dig up the statue after the home sale concludes and put it in a place of honor in your new home. 

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