Fix-Up House Before Selling in Pennsylvania

Maybe you are tired of living on the cold East Coast. Sure, you get white Christmases, brisk Halloween nights, crisp autumn days, and the four seasons, but it might just be time for a change of scenery.

If you are experiencing a sense of wanderlust, it could be just the right time to find a house buyer for selling a house in Pennsylvania. Look into the basics of fixing up a house before deciding to sell it, and work with a professional realtor or house buyer to make the most out of selling a fixer-upper.

By researching the Philadelphia real estate market, learning what it takes to be a house seller, and conducting minor repairs, you can make the most out of your beloved home! Buying houses in Pennsylvania does not have to be hard!

Fix-Up House Before Selling in Pennsylvania

Should You Fix Up Your House Before Selling?

If your house is looking a bit run-down, should you even bother fixing it up before selling the house in Philadelphia? In short, yes — selling a fixer-upper is a great way to make money on the spot, and it is easier than selling a house as is.

Instead of going through extensive repairs, like taking out entire sections of your home, consider minor repairs that make it easier to sell a house in Philadelphia.

The first step of selling a house that needs fixing up is consulting with a real estate agent. Speaking with someone who has experience selling a house can help you determine what major repairs you may need to do, what minor repairs you must do to sell the house, and other things you may otherwise miss.

The second step of selling a fixer-upper is to focus on the larger areas first. Although you do not need to re-do entire areas of your home, taking care of areas that may need repairs by the new buyer can help your house look more attractive.

Fix the plumbing, electrical, heating, or AC issues, foundational cracks, and safety features before selling a house that needs repairs.

Lastly, consider modernizing your kitchen and bathroom. Selling a fixer-upper requires some new and modern appliances, like a shower, oven, and refrigerator, to make your house seem more attractive to buyers in the market.

Follow these easy tips to begin selling a house that needs fixing in Pennsylvania! If you need extra advice, use Cash home buyers Aston to help you learn what to fix up before selling a house.

What You Should Fix Up on Your House

Curious about what you should fix on your house? As a house seller, you need to discover the quickest way to repair the house — especially considering the Philadelphia real estate market is a dog-eat-dog-world!

The most important part of your home you should consider fixing is the kitchen and the areas next to it.

Since a new family will spend a lot of time cooking and hanging out in this space, make sure you start fixing up old appliances, taking care of any foundational issues, and changing the interior decor if you want to begin selling a house after fixing it. For a home seller, a kitchen remodel is great for a first home look!

Next, look at the foundation of the home. Before you can begin fixing up a house before selling, you need to make sure that the house is safe. Fix up a house before selling by analyzing the foundation, noting any cracks, and hiring professionals to help you get the job done.

Lastly, selling a house that needs repairing can seem stressful — but it does not have to be! Use a professional house buyer to help you identify the areas of your home that are holding you back. Consider doing a run-through of your house to see other specific repairs, such as the bedrooms, ceilings, roof, and outdoor space.

Minor or Major House Repairs?

Common minor and major home repairs can help you sell a house in Pennsylvania to the right buyer. Although you do not need to do an extensive list of minor or major home repairs, figuring out the necessary ones that can improve your home’s value is essential to getting the highest asking price for your home.

Roof Repairs

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. If the roof is damaged, it can lead to leaks, a lack of stability, and rot. Make sure that you replace lost shingles and take care of moldy spots. Sometimes, getting a new roof can make the difference during a home inspection.

Water and Heat

Analyze the water heater and HVAC to ensure that hot water and heat work throughout the house all day long and to prevent water damage.

Flooding Repairs

The last things to look at before conducting a repair on your house are the foundation and the flooring (especially hardwood floors). The foundation must be stable to even put a house up for resale.

Cosmetic House Repairs in Pennsylvania

Along with safety and foundational issues that are essential to making your house available to sell on the real estate market in Pennsylvania, cosmetic repairs that you might want to do to make your home available in the real estate market in Philadelphia include:

  • Paint: Changing the paint color can make a huge difference! If your room is dark and old-school, bringing bright colors to the room can help open the space.
  • Lighting fixtures: Installing new chandeliers, light fixtures, and eye-catching pieces can make your house more desirable to prospective buyers.
  • Doors: Swapping out old and wooden doors for new and contemporary options is an option for modern homes.
  • Bathrooms: Changing bathroom fixtures, like knobs, sinks, faucets, showers, and toilets, can drastically improve the aesthetic of your house.

Redecorating Your House

In addition to necessary and cosmetic house repairs for your home in Pennsylvania, consider redecorating your house and decluttering to make it more desirable to buyers on the real estate market.

  • Neutral paint colors: Take a page out of a Scandinavian housing book and use neutral colors for the common spaces!
  • Anchor rugs: Anchor rugs under furniture add a bit of coziness and warmth to any area. Make the most out of every square foot to increase value during the home selling process.
  • Let the sun in: Bringing in the sun through natural light in the kitchen and living space can help brighten up your home.

Will Fixing Up Your House Add Value to Your House?

Choosing the correct repairs and cosmetic fixes for your home can significantly increase the value of your house! Although it may seem like a lot of work, a makeover can add value to your house without breaking the bank. Check out these easy ways of adding value to a fixer-upper in Pennsylvania.

First, one of the best ways to add value to your house is to build a home office. Since there are so many workers who work from home now, build a home office space or convert a den into a home office to appeal to a remote working family.

Second, finish your basement for added usable space and appeal! A basement is an option for kids to hang out, bachelor pads, or a family living area. Plus, finishing a basement can add around $40 to $60K to the asking price!

Lastly, consider breaking down some walls and opening up your floor plan to let more light in, make the space seem airier, and make your house appear bigger. Most buyers want an open layout between the dining room, living room, and kitchen. Give the buyers what they want!

Sell Your House After You've Fixed It Up

How To Sell Your House After You’ve Fixed It Up

Once you do the necessary repairs, upgrades, home renovations, and home improvements, the moment of truth arrives. Now it is time to learn how to sell your house after fixing it up! 

Fortunately, for sellers, it is not that hard to sell a repaired house because there are many creative ways to sell a house.

Selling a repaired house in Philadelphia comes down to finding the right buyer, using a house seller or house buyer, and putting it on the market at the right time. Not sure about your first step? We buy houses in Pennsylvania homeowners sell to make your life easier!

House sellers can research and browse companies that buy houses in Philadelphia homeowners sell to make money on the spot and give a great first impression to potential buyers.


Performing necessary home repairs, renovations, and remodeling can help a homeowner increase the curb appeal of their home. Doing easy DIY projects, altering the landscaping, and adding a fresh coat of paint can help to increase the return on investment in a low-cost manner.

Instead of changing your entire house, increase the value of your home by looking for an easy fix. Trust us; you can sell your house as-is, increase the sale price, and have a successful home sale while it is still in a seller’s market! 

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