5 Important Tips for Selling My House As Is in Philadelphia

Here are the important when selling house As Is

Selling a home in Philadelphia is not for the faint of heart. With a competitive market and savvy buyers, home sellers need to clean, prep, and showcase their homes as they get ready to sell them. You may be asking yourself if all of this work is worthwhile. Maybe you’re asking, “what do I need to do if I am selling my house as is in Philadelphia?”

Selling a Philadelphia home “as is” can be done, but it’s not always an easy process. Buyers who see “as is” in a listing expect serious problems, and most will walk away unless your home has a unique asset or extremely low price to make it tremendously appealing. If you are trying to sell your property as is, these tips will help you do so effectively in spite of the hurdles that this type of listing puts in your path.

1. Have a Prelisting Inspection

When you find an interested buyer for your as is property, one of the first steps to close the deal will be a home inspection. When that inspection finds a number of problems, your buyer may walk away. A prelisting inspection prevents these unwelcome surprises.

With an inspection before you list the property, you get to decide which problems to address, and address them on your own terms and in your own time frame. Yes, it is a financial investment, but that investment will pay off if you can sell your home more quickly.

Also, you don’t have to address the problems in the prelisting inspection, if you do not want to. You may simply choose to disclose them to interested buyers. Buyers looking at “as is” properties expect some problems, and are hoping for a discount because of those problems. The prelisting inspection simply prevents unwanted surprises before closing and protects you from buyers getting cold feet after the official inspection.

2. Get Repair Estimates

If that inspection finds a serious issue, do the legwork to get repair estimates. No, this doesn’t mean you’re going to tackle all of the repairs. Instead, present the estimates with the home when a buyer comes through.

Why would this help? Often buyers have unrealistic ideas about what major repairs cost. If you know the home needs a new roof and can show that the roof will cost bout $5,000, the buyer has accurate information. When the buyer sees that the home is $5,000 below market value, suddenly the roof no longer seems as serious of an issue.

3. Embrace Flexibility

When selling a home as is, you need to be willing to be flexible. Expect your buyers to negotiate. Have explanations or counter offers that cover the times that you know need fixing. Be willing to make concessions or drop the price as you negotiate your final sale figure. Remember, buyers who are shopping for “as is” properties are looking for a bargain, so make sure you position yourself to deliver it.

4. Consider Fixing the Big Stuff

Selling a home as is typically means you are selling because you are in a hurry or because you don’t want to spend time or money on it. Yet sometimes, doing a little fixing will pay off big time. For glaring problems, like damaged plumbing, you may find buyers are simply not interested in buying your “problem.” After you get your inspection report, consider making some repairs to help the home sell more quickly.

There are certain problems that you must fix before selling a home as is in Philadelphia. Code violations and problems that present safety issues, like mold and termites, you must fix before listing your Philadelphia home.

5. Know the Right Price

Finally, when selling a home as is, make sure you price it fairly. Your price must be low enough to account for the needed repairs based on the estimates you’ve received. Buyers shopping for “as is” properties are savvy, and if you try to hide problems and inflate the price of the property, you’ll never find an interested buyer. Honesty and fair pricing are critical when selling a home as is.

Avoid the Hassle by Selling Your Home Directly

While these tips can help you sell your home as is, you may want to avoid the traditional home sale process altogether. Selling your home for cash is one way to do so. Problem Property Pals is ready to assist.

In Philadelphia, we buy problem homes in just about any condition, paying cash quickly, often within a few hours of viewing the property.
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