Why Home Sellers Prefer Cash Buyers in Pennsylvania

Navigating a heated housing market may be difficult for many house purchasers. When inventory is limited, bidding gets more aggressive, and sellers begin seeking offers with the best terms. Cash may help you to stand out from competitors; as per a recent report, going all-cash increases your chances of winning bidding wars by nearly fourfold.

In the competitive housing market, sellers can get numerous bids from interested purchasers. The majority of these bids will require mortgage financing, which means the buyer should borrow some money from lenders to pay the seller. Since house loans need significant underwriting and paperwork, these transactions take longer to complete. However, if you deal with a better mortgage, you might close approximately 10 days quicker than the market average.

When a buyer is able to buy a house without getting a mortgage approval, an all-cash offer may be made. Home sellers like all-cash offers since they close faster and have fewer risks compared to mortgage-contingent bids, which are subject to denials and delays.

This article will help you understand why house sellers prefer cash buyers in Pennsylvania, as well as some recommendations on how to secure a fair cash offer.

home sellers prefer cash home buyers

Reasons Why Home Sellers Prefer Cash Home Buyers

When you’ve been looking for a property for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that sellers prioritize cash buyers. However, you may be wondering why sellers favor cash buyers. Why would it matter that the sellers will collect their money regardless (either the purchaser’s home loan or the purchaser’s savings)?

The reason sellers favor cash purchasers is that without the involvement of a lender, agreements may typically settle faster. However, the main reason sellers choose a cash purchase is that there’s a decreased chance of the sale falling through or getting delayed when buyers spend all cash.

Paying in Cash for Your House

There is no underwriting, documentation, appraisal, or mortgage application, whenever you sell a house for cash. The buyer must complete the title insurance, show proof of funds, and sign closing paperwork, but this should just take a week or two. A buyer making a cash offer must provide evidence of money (escrow agents who collect, handle, and distribute monies) to the seller, demonstrating that the buyer is ready and able to close swiftly.

You do not need to hire a real estate agent when selling a house for cash. As a result, you won’t have to wait for them to take photographs, advertise your house, or hold open houses. A faster closing might put more money in the seller’s pocket quicker.

A cash offer closing requires simply a cashier’s check, deed, title, and a settlement statement. Since no loan transactions or fees are required, there is less paperwork and a cheaper final closing cost.

Another motivation for a cash sale is a financial emergency. If you’re having trouble making your mortgage interest payments, for example, the bank may decide to do a foreclosure on your property soon. When you sell to a cash buyer, you obtain the cash you need quickly in the form of equity.

No Costs to Sell Your House

Realtors charge fees. Even if they do assist you in increasing the purchase price, any surplus would go toward their costs. You may avoid the realtor and their fees by selling for cash. Real estate brokers often charge up to 6% of the sale price of your house. You can avoid paying the commission charge if you locate a cash buyer without using an agency.

While cash purchasers may offer less than typical buyers, you could save money by agreeing to sell a house as-is and waiving contingencies. During a traditional sale, especially the inspection might reveal that repairs are required. Typically, the house seller needs to pay to get such issues repaired or drop their asking price. Cash purchasers are usually unconcerned about this. They’ve already factored such fees into their offer.

As a general guideline, most stagers charge between $300 and $600 for a preliminary design consultation and between $500 and $600 each month per staged space. This is a fee that a cash home seller can avoid.

No Loan Denial Risk

According to data from the National Association of REALTORS®, financing concerns account for approximately 21% of contractual delays and 7% of terminated contracts. If a buyer is ready and able to pay in cash, they do not need to get financing, making this a non-issue.

Let’s say you’ve already spent a significant amount of energy, money, and time, preparing your property for sale. You’ve planned your day around showings, making your house show-ready at all times. When you finally find a buyer, you need the transaction to be completed, and if it doesn’t, you’ll have to start over again with showings.

As a result, sellers must select the offer that would be most likely to close on time. Statistically, cash purchasers are more inclined to do so.

Streamlining the Home Selling Process

In comparison to typical home sales, the home-buying process involves much fewer stages. Cash offers are preferred by sellers, and it’s easy to see why. Since they do not have to involve the mortgage underwriting process, all-cash deals tend to conclude faster. All-cash offers are also not contingent on financing, appraisal, or a property sale, so the seller would not have to fear that your offer will fall through as a result of any of these processes.

However, an all-cash offer is not the only method to differentiate yourself from the competition. Buyers might make their bids more appealing by paying more than the asking price, eliminating the inspection contingency, or including an escalation clause. Many of these tactics carry their own set of hazards, which you ought to consider while crafting your offer. In a seller’s market, though, all-cash bids usually succeed.

Feel free to contact Problem Property Pals if you want to deal with a local cash buying firm. We buy houses in Philadelphia and the neighboring areas. Working with a local cash buying firm in Pennsylvania allows you to meet in person, this may help you sell your home faster because you are able to have a better feel as to how trustworthy the individuals you’re interacting with are.

No Appraisal Fees

Here’s an example of how the appraisal works:

If a buyer obtains a mortgage loan amount to acquire a property, the mortgage lender must ensure that the home’s worth is sufficient to repay the amount lent. They wouldn’t want to lend you a significant amount like $1,200,000 for a house worth barely $1,000,000.

When a buyer is paying in cash, they can now opt to forego the home appraisal process and the appraisal fees. They may decide that they are prepared to spend much more for the home compared to its present worth since they believe the home’s value will continue to rise. As a result, cash purchasers are less riskier for sellers.

Some buyers who want to reside in your house will almost certainly engage an appraiser to flag out every downside on your property. This stage is quite irritating for many vendors. For example, certain faults detected mostly during inspections may turn off your prospective buyer. 

Cash buyers may now conduct a home inspection as well. However, they aren’t often turned off by issues that need to be fixed. After all, that’s why they’ve invested in your fixer-upper. Whenever you sell your property to a cash buyer in Pennsylvania, you don’t have to bother with having it repaired beforehand.

How To Get a Fair Cash Offer On Your Home in Pennsylvania

How to Get a Fair Cash Offer On Your Home in Pennsylvania

One thing all property sellers have in common is that they do not want to be taken advantage of. Regardless of the housing market, it’s critical to ensure you obtain a fair price, but even in a competitive market, how can you ensure you’re going to get a fair bargain before getting an offer? To make a solid investment decision, you must understand how to analyze the price offers of any house.

Cash home buyers (or private house buyers as they are called in the real estate market) might not possess the greatest reputation at first glance, but if you need to sell your property quickly, you’d be stupid not to explore selling your house for cash. The query is, “How can I receive a reasonable cash offer for my house?”

Here are some tips on how you can obtain a fair price for your house.

1. Look at recently sold properties

A comparable house is one that’s equivalent to the one you’re selling in terms of amenities, neighborhood, condition, and size. A 1,200-square-foot, newly refurbished, one-story home with an existing underground should be priced similarly to a related 1,200-square-foot property in the same area. Having said that, you can also learn a lot by looking at how the home you’re interested in selling compares in market value to other residences. Is it significantly less expensive than bigger or more luxurious properties? Would it be more expensive compared to smaller, less appealing houses?

Your realtor is the best source for current, reliable information on comparable homes (also called “comparables”). You may also look at comparable properties that are presently in escrow, which means the home has a buyer but the deal has not yet closed.

2. Find out more about appreciation and market conditions 

Have prices increased or decreased lately? In a seller’s market, homes are expected to be overpriced, while in a buyer’s market, properties are expected to have a lower price. It’s all dependent on where the housing market is right now in the property boom-and-bust cycle.

3. Examine the expected appreciation

The price might be influenced by the future possibilities of your chosen neighborhood. Where positive development is anticipated, such as the construction of a big mall, the extension of rail lines to the neighborhood, or the relocation of a large new corporation, the chances for future home appreciation appear promising. Even little changes, such as plans to build a new school or more roads, might be indicative of a positive trend.

4. Examine the market for comparable properties

In this situation, you may go tour other houses to get a feel of how their amenities, condition, and size, compared to the one you’re thinking about selling. You can then compare prices to find what looks to be fair. Reasonable sellers understand that if they wish to compete, they must price their homes similarly to market comparables.


If you are a homeowner considering selling a house by owner (FSBO) method, we hope this article has presented you with all of the benefits of selling to cash home buyers.

Getting a good cash offer for your property boils down to two factors. First, look for a legitimate cash house buyer with a good track record and reputation, such as Problem Property Pals. Second, recognize that you will save money in the long run by not having to employ a real estate agent, list your house on an MLS, part with exorbitant commissions or fees, and do essential renovations.
It is meant to make the process more convenient and less stressful for homeowners who need to sell their properties quickly. At Problem Property Pals, we are cash home buyers in Pennsylvania and one of the most reputable companies that buy houses in Willow Grove. Feel free to engage with us today.

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