The 5 Best HGTV Home Renovation Shows to Watch in 2023

Two young homeowners eat popcorn while watching some of the best HGTV home renovation shows

Are you trying to figure out the best home renovations for your old house to increase market value and get the most bang for your buck? 

If so, it is sometimes required to do a little research ahead of time to avoid overspending on the wrong things and make the most effective repairs, renovations, and replacements for your property. 

Do you want to add a garage addition to your home to add more space for cars, winter gear, or bicycles? You may be in the market for new kitchen decorations, granite countertops, or bathroom amenities to make your house more modern or desirable. 

If so, gathering inspiration and home ‘reno’ ideas from HGTV shows, like Flip or Flop, can help you carry out necessary repairs, renovations, and upgrades most efficiently. 

HGTV shows, unfortunately, are not available on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon. But if you enjoy watching home getting renovated with awesome details, the subscription to HGTV is worth the price.

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Two senior homeowners watching HGTV home renovation shows

Best HGTV Home Renovation Shows

Don’t waste your time taking unaccredited advice. There are certain HGTV home renovation shows that offer the best advice for homeowners to increase the value of their old houses! 

Good Bones

Good Bones is an American TV show on HGTV with Mina Hawk and Karen Laine, featuring a mom and daughter-duo who flip houses in the Indianapolis area. The dynamic duo helps renovate clients’ homes and remodel outdated properties that would otherwise be considered neglected or too much work to be worth the effort. 

Both renovators do not enjoy using the term ‘flipping’ for the processes shown on their program. They prefer to be considered professionals who ‘rehab neighborhoods’ by installing new electrical systems, repairing HVAC systems, providing new plumbing, or ‘rehabbing’ other parts of the new home.

The two professionals studied home improvement techniques through YouTube tutorials, learning basic renovation methods such as tiling, demolition, and electrical repairs through the online platform.

This makes it possible for these two house renovators to teach their own home makeover tips. Since they learned in an easy and multi-step method online, they can convey the best ways to rehab a house in simple steps.

Tidying up With Marie Kondo

Surely you have heard the infamous term ‘Does it spark joy?’ from your friends during the Covid quarantine. This catchphrase comes from one of the biggest shows of the past few years, ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.’ 

This famous HGTV renovation show features Kondo, a famous New York Times bestseller, clutter guru, and transformation expert that helps homeowners figure out how to DIY ‘fix’ their house, get rid of unnecessary items, and clean up a property to make it appear more beautiful and increase efficiency in the process.

Marie Kondo doesn’t shame homeowners into getting rid of unnecessary items but rather connects with the property, its owners, and the space to figure out what is needed, why it is needed, and what items are must-haves for the individual. 

Watching this show can give homeowners an easy and foolproof way of figuring out what they need in their home, why they need it, and what items have sentimental value. This HGTV show is a good starting point for figuring out how to clean out closets, declutter their spaces, and only keep the most ‘valuable’ items. 

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Tiny House Nation 

Our third favorite HGTV show that is great for property owners with small houses, those who wish to downsize, or people who want to live in a more minimalist setting is Tiny House Nation. This reality TV show features real people, real-life stories, and real-life advice that can help homeowners determine the best way to downsize their life. 

The premise of Tiny House Nation is homeowners planning, building, and moving into tiny homes. Tiny homes encourage homeowners to commit to ‘green’ living by getting rid of material goods, repurposing areas, and cutting back on energy expenses. 

The purpose of downsizing into tiny houses is simplicity, efficiency, and eco-friendliness, which is not present in mega-mansions or large apartment complexes in today’s life. Moving into a smaller space is easier to take care of in comparison to a larger home with more responsibilities.

There are a few things homeowners can learn while watching Tiny House Nation:

Identify The ‘Things’ and ‘Stuff’ In Your Home 

When you really look around your house, you will notice that you have a lot of material things, stuff, and items that may not be necessary for your life. Watching THN can help provide homeowners with more perspective on what is required for daily life, and what is just extra fluff. 

Take Your Time

Downsizing and moving into a tiny home is not going to be a quick process. You will have to figure out the planning of your new house, the building process, and the decluttering of your current space. 

Focus On Privacy

Just because a house is smaller or a ‘tiny’ home, this doesn’t mean that you need to forego your privacy. Make sure you have private spaces or outside areas in the landscape that can be private for you and your partner or family. 

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The Property Brothers

The Property Brothers is an American reality TV show that has been on the air for over 14 seasons. Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott help people find and ‘flip’ run-down homes that require extensive repairs, renovations, or replacements. 

These hard-core fixer-uppers are often in dire need of work and would otherwise sell for a very low as-is price if they were not renovated by knowledgeable home owners or contractors.

Watching this HGTV show can provide homeowners or home buyers with information about how to flip a house successfully in their hometown. Just because a house requires extensive work, this doesn’t mean that you can’t revamp the house to increase the market value or flip a house that you want to move into yourself. 

Property Brothers provide homeowners with the following interior design advice when it comes to staging a house for sale:

Refinishing Cabinets 

Repainting, refinishing, or repurposing cabinets is a great way to reuse something already in your home. Instead of ripping out old cabinets and buying new ones, you can use a new enamel finish to make your home design look new without spending extra money.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances 

Improving your current machines to energy-efficient models, like Energy Star, can quickly boost the market value of your home and provide homeowners with tax incentives.

Move the Microwave

Move the microwave to a hidden space that makes your kitchen seem more inviting, functional, and aesthetic. Keeping your microwave out of sight gives homeowners more space to prepare and cook food. 

Use LED Lighting 

LED lights not only use more energy but also provide warmer lighting that makes the space more appealing and inviting. 

Organize Your Closet Space 

Organize your closet space by installing shelves, racks, or shelves for storing and organizing your clothes. 

House Hunters

Last but not least, House Hunters (and House Hunters International) is a classic HGTV show that gives homeowners great advice and rules to live by.

Let’s see the basic tips these knowledgeable professionals provide when it comes to selling a fixer upper house

Decide On Your Budget Ahead of Time 

Make sure you create a budget that makes sense based on your income, expenses, debt, and pre-approved mortgage amount. A bright place to start is by multiplying your annual income by 2.5x to figure out a conservative budget.

Needs vs. Wants 

Determining what you need vs. what you want is very different. There are certain items in your dream home renovation that are non-negotiable, whereas others that you would like to add but are not required. Ensure you create lists to avoid overspending on ‘want’ vs. ‘need’ tasks during the makeover.

Make An Offer 

If you are currently in an area with a buyer’s market, we recommend proposing a lower price, requesting written-off fees, or asking for other perks. Perform a competitive market analysis, analyze the time on the market, and discuss the deal with your real estate agent before moving forward.

Analyze The Potential 

When finding a new property, the last thing you want is to judge the house based on the current decor. Make sure you judge the home based on the potential, such as the architecture and location, versus how it looks now (furnishings, wallpaper, etc.). 


Using a realtor can be the most foolproof way to ensure you make good decisions for your house moving forward. Watching HGTV shows and spin-off series provides homeowners with important information and lets them out in the discovery of new ideas.

Other shows, like Farmhouse Fixer, Brother vs. Brother, I Wrecked My House, Celebrity I.O.U, and Love It or List It, are helpful programs that provide more specific information. No matter what you choose to put on your television for some inspiration, HGTV is an excellent source of DIY fixes! 

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