Selling Your House in Poor Condition

Is your house falling apart and you’re looking to sell it? Are the floors cracked, is there peeling paint on the walls, and do the rusty doorknobs barely work? If you have a new job or other adventure on the horizon, then you’ll need to sell your place.

Selling a house in poor condition is not an easy task. However, you can get it done. First, you’ll find some potential buyers interested in purchasing a property in an as-is condition. Some people like a fixer-upper especially if the price is low.

However, since selling a house in poor condition is rather difficult, you may want to pursue several renovations or even major repairs. In this guide, you will learn key ways for selling a house in poor condition. Now, let’s get started!

house in poor condition for sale

Can You Sell Your House in Poor Condition?

You can sell your property in a bad condition even if the house has asbestos, black mold, or infestation, as long as you have a very low list price. Low-cost properties are agreeable among real estate investors and cash home buyers. You can work with a real estate agent to find investors or even homebuyers who are looking for a low asking price.

If you’re not interested in spending money on lots of cosmetic repairs and landscaping, then you can try selling your house in its as-is condition. This means you will sell your place in its current condition without undergoing any home improvement projects. 

When you’re selling a place in its current condition, then potential buyers cannot seek an inspection report or ask for renovations. Prospective buyers, including real estate investors, will buy a property at a low sale price even if there is a termite infestation or an outdated kitchen. 

A low enough price means they can cover the costs of needed repairs or even repair a broken HVAC system. 

How to Sell a House As-Is in Pennsylvania

Homeowners looking to sell a house as-is can sell their house fast when working with cash home buyers. Instead of buyers interested in inspection reports from a home inspector and requiring a remodel and various upgrades, cash home buyers can buy a property very quickly without needing cosmetic fixes or approval for a home loan from mortgage lenders.

Buyers also don’t need to spend extra money on upgrades when selling as-is. When selling a home as-is in Pennsylvania, you should negotiate with your real estate agent to pay a commission fee below the standard 6 percent.

Then, you’ll need to remain honest and disclose all of the property issues, such as whether the house needs a new water heater or whether the home has roof damage. 

Keep the home as clean as possible during the sale, as it will still help in the sale. Lastly, consider the lowest price you’re willing to accept. If the cash buyers provide a cash offer that’s too low, prepare a fast counteroffer to get a higher price. 

Minor Repairs to Your Home

You can always make some minor repairs to your house to sell the place at a higher price. If the home requires both major and minor renovations, then you can always focus on the easier tasks, such as putting in new doorknobs and painting the walls.

If your carpets are stained, then try getting some carpet cleaning agents to remove the stains. You might also want to get some landscaping maintenance done to improve the curb appeal. You can also replace outdated and broken lighting fixtures and old faucets. Consider pursuing cabinet refinishing to make your kitchen look better.

You can pursue some of these repairs as DIY projects to save money on a repairman. 

Major Repairs on Your Home

Does your home have loads of problems and you’re having trouble selling it in its current condition? Then consider pursuing major repairs on your property. Even if your home has electrical issues or roof damage, you can hire experts to complete major repairs and remodel your home.

Generally, the top five major home improvement projects include:

  • Replacing garage doors
  • Installing manufactured stone veneer
  • A major kitchen remodel and upgrades
  • Replacing windows and siding
  • Replacing entry doors

You’ll need to decide what type of major repairs to pursue and what to leave in its current condition. Figure out your budget to decide how much work you can complete on the house. Homebuyers, especially real estate investors, are usually willing to overlook some issues they can fix themselves. 

Give Your House a Lick of Paint

In addition, your home can truly improve in its value if you paint the interior and the exterior to make the house look almost brand-new. Pick some standard light colors for the walls inside the home. Then consider a pastel color, such as sky blue, for the exterior of your house. 

You can get the painting projects done by yourself to save money. Otherwise, you can get expert painters to complete the interior and exterior painting. You can also split up the project. 

For instance, you can complete the interior painting by yourself and get professional painters for painting the outside of the house. 

Ensure to use painting tape and plenty of newspapers to cover the floors to keep the paint where it belongs and avoid splattering paint on the wooden floors.  

Selling a House As-Is in Pennsylvania

Selling a house as-is in the state of Pennsylvania means you won’t need to complete any renovations, whether they’re minor or major repairs. Alternative ways to sell a house involve finding cash home buying companies and real estate investors to purchase your property. 

Often, real estate investors look for low-priced homes that need fixing, so that they can remodel the place and then flip it for a much larger price. Another term for these investors is house flippers. Cash home buyers also have the funds already in place and don’t need loans, which means there’s no risk that the sale won’t close due to finances.

Also, without needing loans, selling to real estate investors will lead to a faster closing. 

Sell Your House As-Is to a Cash Home Buyer in Pennsylvania

Cash home buyers in Pennsylvania will purchase your place in its as-is condition and provide the possibility of flexible purchase agreements. If you are looking to get out of the real estate game altogether, then you can more quickly sell your place to a cash home buyer who won’t need to wait on a loan or a home inspection. 

Sometimes, you can create a flexible buying arrangement where the investor can take over paying off your mortgage or even buy the home and rent it back to you as a sale-leaseback deal. However, if you sell your house to an investor, you may not have the ability to sell your property at its real market value. You will need to sell at a lower price.

Cash buyers did buy my house in Chester in Pennsylvania at a low sale price, but I received the cash quickly and did not need to complete any repairs.

Sell Your House to an Investor

Sell Your House to an Investor

So, why would you sell your house to an investor? While selling to a real estate investor is not the traditional route, it is a straightforward and even common home sale transaction. Usually, properties that need more repairs and maintenance are attractive to investors. 

While standard homebuyers aren’t interested in putting in the money for repairs, cash home buying companies and investors have the funds needed for renovating a house as long as the price of the property is low enough.

These investors are usually house flippers and will repair the place to sell it at a higher price. If you’re selling your place to a local real estate investor, you don’t need to worry about performing any repairs. However, you should prepare to sell the place quickly. The investors can even help you clear out of the property. 

We buy houses in Philadelphia, so you can seek out our services to quickly sell your place in its as-is condition. 

Selling Your House with a Realtor 

Regardless of whether you sell your home to a traditional buyer or you sell to a real estate investor or a cash home buying company, you will benefit from selling your house with the help of a realtor. Your realtor can advise you on whether to partake in certain minor repairs or major renovations.

A real estate agent with experience selling homes in their as-is condition can help you find the right investor and quickly sell your property.


If you’re selling a house in poor condition, you may need to work with a realtor to find cash home buying companies or real estate investors to provide you with a fair cash offer. You can also consider performing certain major or minor repairs before selling the place at a higher price.

Soon, you’ll have sold your property and can move to a new neighborhood. Enjoy making your new place home! 

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